Ulli's Pet Portraits

Borough wide

I am a contemporary fine artist working from my studio in north London.
My work is centred on questions of identity and my visual language plays with notions of the naive, ranging from sci-fi to Renaissance aesthetics. (In my usual art practice I use a multitude of materials and genres like sculpture, ceramics, drawing and performance).
The idea of "pet portraits" was born out of my desire to create art that has high emotional value for the owner and my love for animals. I have created three different styles and work from photographs to capture the unique character of your pet. It gives me a lot of joy to somehow incorporate the owners' into the painting. One way to do this is to add their photograph (in collage technique) or introduce a certain theme that says a lot about the owners character. This allows me to add another layer of meaning and to tell a little story at the same time.

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