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Mars Montessori Bilingual Nursery


Mars Montessori Bilingual Nursery is a small private nursery in the heart of Islington.

It offers Montessori education and a bilingual environment, coupled with extended daycare for children aged 1-4 years. We have only 26 children, and 7 members of staff. The nursery is open from 8am-6pm, Monday to Friday for 47 weeks of the year.

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  • user1473459390

    09-Sep-2016 Report

    Our son spent 2 years at Mars Montessori and he became a confident, independent, curious and funny boy who cares about the people around him. He also learnt his third language as Mars is French bilingual nursery with brilliant teachers. He was very happy to go to the nursery every day and enjoyed all the montessori activities.

    The teachers are very caring, loving and give feedback every day. There is also regular meetings to discuss the child's development in detail.The website which we can see the progress of the child for each development area with the pictures is also very useful. We even got notifications to our email addresses when there is a new post added.

    There are great events where parents can share unforgettable moments with their kids and their friends like Safari trip,Aquarium trip, theatre trip, sports days, Christmas shows and year end shows.

    Mars Montessori is really an outstanding nursery and our son had a great foundation for the primary school. We definitely recommend to everyone.

  • CH1216

    01-Aug-2016 Report

    My daughter currently goes to Mars and is thriving there. The wonderful, caring, bilingual staff spent lots of time to ensure she settled properly and she now dances into nursery on a daily basis. The staff take the time to ensure that I am are kept up to speed with my daughter's development.

    Lunch is always varied and healthy, including a daily cheese course, and there are weekly optional activities to keep the kids entertained.

    I think one of the best things about Mars is its size. Because its small you get the chance to meet all the kids and parents and build a real sense of community. It makes events like the end of year show particularly nice as you can see the progress not only your child has made but also the other little ones.

    I would very much recommend Mars.

  • 02ALN

    28-Jul-2016 Report

    What a wonderful nursery! Our son has spent 2 years there. It is impressive how much he has loved it. Teachers are strongly committed with children, using Montessori methods. Children have the opportunities to discover a wide range of activities : cooking, dance and drama, yoga, animal watching, etc... along with more academic activities related to language and mathematics.
    The bilingual set-up has also proved very efficient within a multi-cultural environment.
    All in all, the result is amazing ! Our son has gained self-confidence and leadership, has cultivated great friendships and is now fully bilingual.

    We have strongly appreciated the regular updates we had from the teachers regarding our child's achievements. Congratulations for the dedicated website through which we could better figure out our child's activities with pictures and comments from tutors.
    There have also been great initiatives in terms of events : charities fund raising, safari trips, theatre shows...

    Mars Montessori has given our child the best grounding possible before entering Reception. This nursery has definitely met our expectations and we have highly recommended it to our friends.

  • AJ2LJ

    10-Jul-2016 Report

    Mars Montessori is a lovely bilingual nursery. The staff is outstanding, very caring, always engaging extremely positively with the children and following them closely.
    The activities are carefully prepared by the staff and are great fun learning experience.

    As a parent the interactions with the staff are great, either through regular follow-up meeting or via a dedicated intranet portal where the staff post on a weekly basis comments/pictures of you own child activities.

    Our son thrived there,learning so much and having such fun with all his friends at the nursery. He made a lot of progress, turning from a shy toddler to a confident, fully bilingual and curious little boy.

    Our son spent two great years there and even tough we are sad to leave the nursery, I feel that is fully ready to go to Reception thanks to the good work of the staff.

    I highly recommend this nursery.

    P.s: my son just asked me to add that the food (cooked on site) is delicious!

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