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YourSpacePilates 1:1 Pilates Tuition

North London

I offer 1:1 Pilates tuition in the comfort of your own home, for mum and for dad too. No need for childcare, baby and his/her siblings are welcome! I come to you with all the small Pilates equipment to give you a great tailored workout. For Mum, Pilates is a gentle and deep way to get back into your body after childbirth. But also to refine and improve your posture, get ride of your back aches and feel reconnect to your core! For Dad, well it's almost the same.. It will improve your posture, get rid of this nagging pain and improve your flexibility! don't hesitate to contact me to find out more .

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  • yourspacepilates

    12-Oct-2014 Report

    'I found Laure's class to be very focused but also very vibrant, with enough variety to keep me interested. She approaches the class with the same questioning a student would and that allows for a sense of equality which I appreciated. This coupled with the fact that the practice is clear in her body, so you can learn visually as well as listening makes for an inspiring and challenging class. Thanks Laure!' Carl

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