LeCoq - Neighbourhood Rotisserie


LeCoq is a neighbourhood rotisserie restaurant in Islington.
We are a baby and child-friendly restaurant with an £6 kids meal of perfect rotisserie chicken and scrummy roast potatoes, plus £2 for a ball of ice cream.

We invite all children to contribute their chicken artwork to our Wall of Coq, if they want!

For the adults we have a simple 2 or 3 course menu that changes every week - delicious, seasonal, no big-decision making & no washing up.

Our chickens come from Sutton Hoo in Suffolk. This dedicated poultry farm breeds slow-growing traditional chickens, fed a completely drug & additive-free diet, in a truly free range environment. The result is meat with a texture & depth of flavour impossible to find in commercially available chicken. We are also famed for our rotisserie potatoes, potatoes cooked in the falling juices & fat of these beautiful chickens - Impossible to resist!

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