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Rubbish Waste Ltd.

Central London

Rubbish Waste offer the leading rubbish removal services in the country and it isn't difficult to see why. You have arrived on our home page for a reason and odds are it is because you want to use our hard-working staff.Each member of our team comes fully vetted and complete with full uniform and ID cards.We offer a wide range of services, so we have you covered no matter what you need.You will never find us at a loss when it comes to where to dispose of your goods.Call us today on 020 35408131 or visit our website at www.rubbishwaste.co.uk for more information.

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  • AdamHarolds

    11-May-2016 Report

    Is there a worse job than clearing out your loft? I absolutely hate that sort of job, but since we were planning on renovating ours all of the junk needed to go. I looked online for local loft clearance companies and Your Junk Ltd. seemed to be able to do the job for a good price. I was impressed with how friendly and knowledgeable the phone staff were, and when I made my booking the specialists who arrived were just as experienced and talented. This is a really great service that allowed me to avoid one of my least favourite jobs! Thanks!

  • JohnnyFerguson

    01-Sep-2015 Report

    I was over the moon with Rubbish Waste, as they did a fantastic job of moving a lot of my rubbish from my home. Over the years the stuff had mounted up until there was a massive load of broken toys, furniture and electrical items. I needed the experts as I knew with the new regulations of tipping you couldn't just dump it. This company was brilliant and was able to take the entire lot and dispose f it in the correct way. A first class service and at a good cost, thank you so much for you r help.

  • GuillermoNewman

    15-Apr-2015 Report

    We hired Rubbish Removal Waste to clear out our grandparent's house when they moved into a residential home. We had kept what we wanted and got rid of a lot of the good stuff to charity and family members. But there was a lot of broken rubbish, and old stuff that was no use to anyone. The service was done well, at a reasonable cost.

  • TamaraFitzgerald

    02-Mar-2015 Report

    We have just moved house and to get rid of a lot of rubbish we accumulated over the years we used a local clearance company called Rubbish Waste. They did a great job, and removed a lot of household and garden waste for us at an affordable cost. The service was good and no mess was left. It was all going to be reused, which we were pleased with. I would certainly suggest of you have some rubbish or junk to dispose of to use these guys, they were great.

  • NoraHudson275

    17-Feb-2015 Report

    Rubbish Waste provided a great rubbish removal service for me recently. My workplace was cluttered and I decided to have a tidy up. I sorted a lot of junk that was no use and called this local company to dispose of it for me. The service was excellent and the rubbish cleared away quickly.

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