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Creative Therapy program: This incorporates Touch, Movement and Sound-making within a child-led play setting. It's particularly effective with children with complex Needs who have a combination of sensory, communication and motor issues that may have an impact on their emotional security.

The program is based on the Therapists training in Shiatsu and in embodied learning.

Shiatsu is a gentle touch therapy that is done through the clothing. When incorporated with movement, play and sound-making it can be a bridge to communication, stimulating active interest in a child and building a strong Therapeutic Relationship. In time this can begin to have an affect in many other areas of a child's life.

Ruth Solomon has been developing this program over 15 years in schools, Children's Centres and Nurseries.

She abides by the Shiatsu Society UK code of ethics.

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  • Ruthy2shoes

    06-Jan-2015 Report

    Through exploring and experimenting with texture, sound and touch, Y has started creating sequences with cause and affect. Ruth, by encouraging at all times both non-verbal and verbal communication gives Y the needed time and space to firstly observe and start to learn how outside his "zone", things go on too which he can join in with and enjoy. Secondly by calming his almost electrical speed down- through the affect of the Shiatsu contact- he has a chance to think and choose rather than having to jump at whatever comes his way. Y really has come a long way in communication, understanding and enjoyment through play as well as in physical awareness and flexibility. (Shiffy: Learning Assistant at Side by Side Nursery School, Hackney; 2012)

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