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Mum&Baby Ballet

Notting Hill

  • Ballet Studio, St Mary's of the Angels

  • Moorhouse Road, London, W2 5D

  • 07807882519

  • elisa@pregdance.com

  • http://www.pregdance.com

  • £85 for pack of 5 classes

  • 30-Sep-15 to 30-Sep-20

  • Tue, 11.15 - 12.15

  • 0 months to 1 year

PregDance™ is a Ballet class especially designed for pregnant women and new mums with their babies.
Every movement is carefully chosen to support and strengthen the mum's changing body while the baby (in the womb or in the sling) experiences the elegant movements of ballet and the soothing classical music.
By dancing the first dance with your baby, you're creating a special bond, a very personal communication, which will help forming a positive beginning in your life together.

PregDance welcome everyone and no previous ballet experience is required.

Enjoy bonding with your baby whilst sculpting your changing body.

Times and prices are subject to change. Contact venue before setting out.

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  • PregDance

    30-Sep-2015 Report

    If I had to describe PregDance in one word it would be: Genius! I did a little ballet when I was very young but never succeeded at it. I've always done exercise though, so after having my baby I knew I wanted to give PregDance a chance, even though I wasn't a ballerina, since I couldn't think of another way of having physical activity.

    My surprise was that not only I LOVE ballet and every class I feel my improvement, but I feel fit now and stronger every week since you really exercise the whole body. That's why ballerinas have the most beautiful silhouettes of all. You seriously work out without exhausting yourself, which I find brilliant because I still need a lot of energy to take care of my baby boy.

    The other amazing side of it is that my little one enjoys it as much as I do! He loves Elisa and just hearing her voice makes him smile, he stays on the sling the entire "mum part" just looking at every movement and waits patiently for his turn to sing and laugh with the other babies.

    It has been heaven sent for my son and I! It has helped me in so many ways. Elisa encourage me to use more my sling and taught me the correct way of use it and the posture I should always have to protect my back. That created a very special connection with my baby to the point that we can't get enough of being together with the help of our sling. I find that my boy sleeps better the days we go to class. I've met other moms there, and share advice on our little ones development and I wake up for PregDance with a smile knowing it will be a great day!

    I seriously couldn't explain how much I love being a PregDance practitioner and I know if my baby could speak he'd say the same.

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