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The quality should reflect the price and vice versa, failing to deliver a proper blend of the two will discourage a customer from using the company in future, especially when talking about highly technical domestic services such as on-the-spot dry cleaning or upholstery cleaning. To give an example of what good domestic service really means, take a look at the carpet cleaning service we at Cleaners Kensington, provide, our customers have more than once suggested we offer the best priced carpet cleaning in Kensington and the high quality results speak for themselves.

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  • noaabow

    02-Apr-2014 Report

    The manager and his team were very professional. On the morning of the clean, his team had a thorough brief of the work that was to be done. 4 hours later, the place was in immaculate condition. Thank you for providing a great service.

  • s4mburk3kk

    19-Mar-2014 Report

    Our home is a challenge to clean and had recently undergone some renovations. I knew it was dirty--lots of dust, cobwebs, and stains that often result from having a couple of children under 3. Now it is spotless! My wife and I have never seen it so clean--it almost feels like we are living in a different home.

  • ell1tbarnn

    27-Feb-2014 Report

    Whoever thinks hiring a cleaning service is a luxury, is wrong! It is a necessity when you see areas of your home clean that you didn't even know existed! This company did an amazing and thorough job! The apartment was left clean and tidy and I will definitely use them again.

  • vickyd3an

    24-Jan-2014 Report

    We didn't need the entire house worked on to keep cost down, only those areas that were affected by the construction. The manager was quite accommodating and adjusted the estimate and team accordingly. The house was gleaming, especially the kitchen. Thanks again for another happy client!

  • benjydovve

    16-Dec-2013 Report

    The check list they do helps a lot and the cleaners are always on time. Overall I'm quite satisfied!

  • cerzwtson

    21-Nov-2013 Report

    they care for every small detail. every time i come back that's the first phone call i make. 100% recommend their service

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