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Cleaners of Kensington

Kensington & Chelsea

Our extensive range of professional cleaning solutions, consists of a large number of versatile and inexpensive one off cleaning options, as well as fixed schedule cleaning service suitable for domestic and commercial properties. We also deal with full property cleaning and will be able to yield consistent, high quality cleaning results in all rooms and areas of the property. So, let us do the cleaning for you, in the meantime you should be having fun and enjoying one of the most prominent areas of the city. Kensington is pretty much right in the heart of London.

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  • conikhan

    10-Apr-2014 Report

    We felt assured when they left that the apartment was clean and ready for OUR use. I would not hesitate to have them back again.

  • t4yylmye3r

    12-Mar-2014 Report

    After they finished, the entire house just sparkled. Thank you so much for all your hard work. It was worth every single penny!

  • osc4rk1rrb

    18-Feb-2014 Report

    I was particularly impressed by the manager's commitment to our satisfaction, as well as to our budget. He quickly identified our top priorities so that the project could be kept within an affordable time frame. That said, they more than exceeded our expectations within the budget we had discussed. Thank you very much for such great work! We won't hesitate to contact you again in the future!

  • evibrnnan

    31-Jan-2014 Report

    The place has never looked so good and the transformation in the basement is mind blowing.

  • isoblgile

    17-Jan-2014 Report

    I have had friends tell me that sometimes, in their experience with other companies, the service goes downhill after the first couple of visits but I have found that so far the effort and work is still top notch! I am super happy to have the same ladies (a team of 2) come each time. Always on time, always with a smile. I think that is very important because they know my place and my preferences. And my cats ;) As I think many pet owners might agree, it's always a concern to have people coming in when I am not there (will they get out or locked in a closet...).

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