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Dreams Come True Cleaning

South Kensington

Dreams Come True Cleaning relies on reputation and word of mouth, which is why our goal every time we take on an appointment is complete satisfaction. For this reason, we employ only the best in the cleaning field. Our cleaners are professionals with years of experience and knowledge about stains, mould and lime scale. Apart from the quality of our man labour, we have also invested in industry leading cleaning materials and equipment. These not only deliver a certified shine to every surface, but are environmentally safe.

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  • amyplmr

    17-May-2016 Report

    They did a wonderful job cleaning the apartment and that made my new tenant very happy, and there's nothing a landlord wishes for more than a happy tenant. I'm very thankful for a really great job.

  • matthewkhan15261526

    08-Dec-2014 Report

    I remember using these guys a few months back from a friend's recommendation. When I called, they said they were able to send a cleaner the same week, which I really needed. The cleaning went great, and the people I talked to were friendly. Can't say they were exceptionally good, but I was overall satisfied. I'd recommend you give them a try.

  • cherylwbrown

    29-Apr-2014 Report

    They're so thorough that we switched from once a week to once every two weeks. We could never have pulled that off with our old cleaner. So that certainly defrays the cost. They've also accommodated every suggestion and request, including when our schedule necessitated a day change.

  • tinnamrose

    14-Apr-2014 Report

    One room was my son's bedroom. A few years ago in the middle of the night I dumped an entire bottle of bright pink Benedryl on the carpet. I had it professionally cleaned the next day, but the stain came back every time. I had given up hope it would ever be gone. Then these guys came. I walked into his room and couldn't believe it. The stain was gone, it's been 2 weeks and it is still gone!

  • merielwwnoels

    02-Apr-2014 Report

    Did a great job cleaning the windows without disrupting anything inside or outside the house. Thank you so much.

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