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Carpet Cleaning Earls Court Ltd.

Earl's Court

Has your cat overstayed its welcome on the indoor mat? Can you see a subtle but wide-reaching stain across the surface? It seems the source of that lingering smell has finally been identified.Come in from a rainy day recently and proceeded to slump onto the couch? Chances are you've done so a lot lately in this weather. While your wet clothes may not appear to contribute to any direct staining, the truth is they will eventually bring about a change in colour tone.Do not hesitate to call us on 020 37439458 or visit our website www.carpetcleaningearlscourt.org.uk

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  • JimmyGoodmann

    05-Oct-2015 Report

    I love Carpet Cleaning Earls Court Ltd.! Their upholstery cleaning services are first class. A colleague recommended them to me and so that is why I decided to choose them. They are very thorough and leave my upholstered items as good as new! Now I schedule their visits as a monthly thing, as they really do help to preserve the look and feel of my upholstery which in turn means that I do not have to worry about replacing it in the near future. I would certainly recommend this company to anybody else in need of cleaning services. I cannot speak about their other services but I am sure that they are just as good as their upholstery cleaning.

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