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Carpet Cleaning Kensington Ltd

Kensington & Chelsea

We have seen an astonishing amount of home cleaning companies set up shop and close their doors for good in rapid succession. There are many reasons for this – and whilst it's not nice to contemplate, unfortunately the vast bulk of them have simply been out for a quick buck, and haven't cared about the long-term. However, we've been house cleaners for years, and we're not going anywhere. Our company Carpet Cleaning Kensington Ltd has excellent reputation by combining unbeatable prices, great customer service and the best cleaning processes going. Give us a call on 02084347195 or visit www.carpetcleaningkensington.org.uk to find out more.

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  • DonnieGutierrez

    06-Oct-2015 Report

    My last tenants left my property in a real bad way which left me forced to hire professional cleaners. Luckily, I found Carpet Cleaning Kensington Ltd at the right time and they didn't charge over the odds for their cleaning services. Their end of tenancy cleaning service is absolutely superb and affordable too! Amazing company! They practically saved my life because new tenants were moving in and I wanted to make a good impression. And I sure did, thanks to these guys.

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