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Carpet Cleaning Kensington

Kensington & Chelsea

Prepare to be amazed by the efficiency of our cleaners in Kensington. Our company offers a wide range of cleaning services - sofa and upholstery cleaning, curtain and window cleaning, rug and carpet cleaning, and that's not all. We strive for perfection to meet our customers' needs.

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  • MarshaWhite

    14-Jul-2015 Report

    The team at Carpet Cleaning Kensington really do know what it means to work hard. Their team were utter professionals when they turned up at my door and got to work right away. There was no dilly dallying about; they got straight to it and went through the mess without any problems. I'll definitely be using their services again in the future.

  • EricaLee

    19-May-2015 Report

    I used Carpet Cleaning Kensington to sort out my office cleaning last week and they were fabulous. I hadn't been open for long and discovered I couldn't handle the extra work of the office cleaning so needed to hire a reliable company to sort it. This company supplied cleaners who were skilled at dealing with this type of environment. I was really pleased with the work and how punctual and reliable the workers are. I have different staff but they all know what to do and get the job done with no problems. A wonderful service and the costs are reasonable too.

  • FloydThomas

    21-Oct-2014 Report

    I have used Carpet Cleaning Kensington a couple of times for cleaning the carpets, and I have to say, they are pretty good! They have made my carpets look brand new on both occasions, and the steam cleaning process seems to be pretty neat and without much mess, which I was a little concerned about. In all I would say that they are well worth getting round, as their price is not too much either, which works well for me!

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