Angela Telford Mobile Ante-Natal Reflexology

Borough wide

Call or email me to make a booking for a wonderfully relaxing ante-natal reflexology treatment in the comfort of your own home.<br />Reflexology is safe to have in all stages of pregnancy and is one of the most popular treatment for mums to be. <br />A treatment at home avoids the stress of getting to a clinic and conserves your energy at a time when you need it most. Reflexology can help you to de-stress &amp; re-energise whether you are looking for a well deserved rest, feeling anxious about your pregnancy or you have more specific health issues.<br /><br />*Take a look at my website for more information about me and about reflexology.<br /><br />I am available for appointments anywhere in Kensington &amp; Chelsea: <br />Weekdays: 9am-9pm<br />Saturdays: 10am-6pm<br /><br />As one of London's most experienced reflexologists I have treated hundreds of pregnant women over the last 22 years. Call or email me to see how reflexology can help you.

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