Daisy Birthing Active Birthing Classes


The next term starts on 2 October. These relaxed-active birthing classes are suitable for all mums-to-be whether it be your first, second or third baby!

These classes are an ideal space for you to spend time thinking about you and your baby, a safe and relaxed environment away from the usual rush of every day life.

Come along to learn about how your body works during labour and how you can work with your body to make your labour easier. Classes also aim to encourage baby into the ideal position for birth and easing pregnancy aches and pains including backache, swelling and morning sickness!

They are suitable for all birthing journeys, whether it be a home birth, hospital delivery or c-section. Our confidence-boosting relaxation sections will help you to feel calm about your upcoming birth, whatever path you take or choose.

Times and prices are subject to change. Contact venue before setting out.

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