Tatty and Baby Bumpkin parties


Are you looking for a children's party with a difference?

Tatty Bumpkin parties use a mixture of games, yoga poses and music, as your child and their friends go on a magical adventure. Every party is unique and can be tailored to your child's interests. Examples include an underwater adventure, a princess story, a trip into space, or anything else your child woud love. The only limit is our imagination!

While the parties are active, they finish with relaxation. Tatty Bumpkin parties end with the children tired, but happy and relaxed!

Parties can be held in any venue - even your own home - the only requirement is space for the children to move around.

A Tatty Bumpkin party isn't only ideal for your child's birthday party, but for holiday get-togethers, weddings, festivals, fetes - any occasion where you want to do something a bit different.

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