KAZZAMATAZ ! Best Party Ever !!!

Tunbridge Wells

I am a colourful semiClown style entertainer. My parties are outrageous, wonderful, energetic packed out with massive fun. I do crazy party games and boy or girl dance routines using props and silly wigs and hats. I have a funny 20 minute magic act featuring a naughty little puppet dog called Toto. The children love my snow making machine and I also bring along 200 sponge snowballs and 50 blown up sword balloons. Just imagine ! I change costumes throughout the party, I can change into Elsa, Spiderman, Shawn the sheep, Snow white, Dora the Explorer, SpongeBob and many others... I sometimes ride around on an Ostrich called Nancy and the kids chase me round (the legs of the Ostrich are mine really)I have a huge colourful Parachute for circular games, a pass the parcel and arm and hand tattoos at the end ! Please call me !!!

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