Karate Classes


Karate classes for adults <br />(separate children's classes available as well). <br /><br />Karate is a brilliant way to combine a whole-body workout with the benefits of learning practical self-defense skills. It helps you get fit, tone up and lose weight, while at the same time teaching you a beautiful and ancient martial art.<br /><br />All the health benefits of the gym without the boredom of the treadmill!<br /><br />Students find that practicing karate not only improves their fitness but also increases their confidence and overall mental well-being. <br /><br />Classes are suitable for all levels and all ages, and are run by a friendly female instructor (3rd dan black belt).<br /><br />Beginners are always welcome and the first lesson is free so you can try it out without any obligations.<br /><br />Classes are held on Monday evenings from 7pm till 8.30pm. Private lessons are available as well.

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