Feel happier and more positive in 2014!


If you are not as happy as you would like to be and would like to learn how to be more positive and carefree, then please do get in touch. Services range from 1-1 coaching, workshops as well as free online resources. Therapies on offer are Neuro Linguistic Programming, Reiki, Hypnotherapy, Time Line Therapy, CBT, EFT and Coaching. You may just be stuck in a rut or feeling down due to events that take place, but by spending just a few sessions with me, you can take on a different perspective on life. Sessions are relaxing, fun and you will experience many benefits such as better sleep, less pain, reduced anxiety, an improved sex life, more fun and inspiration about how to change your life. There is a free consultation in place to help you see what would meet your needs best.

I offer a unique holistic review of your life, to give you insight and to help you move forward with happiness.

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