RLSB Nursery, Dorton


Dorton Nursery is a term-time nursery offering whole day or half day placements.

Some children attend a mainstream or other specialist nursery for part of the week and come to us as a shared placement.

We provide the support you and your child need:

Individual and group work to aid early learning, communication skills and confidence
Dark and light sensory rooms for visual stimulation and assessment
Physiotherapy, occupational therapy, speech and language therapy
Weekly music therapy group
Mobility training
Skills for independent living
Environmental outings and links with the local community
Expert support & understanding
We strongly believe in empowering parents to become the experts in their own child's development.

Come and see the nursery for yourself at one of our open days, or get in touch today by contacting Maggie Bindon or our Nursery Team on 01732 592681.

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