Personal Training/Group Classes

Tunbridge Wells

7R-Performance is a Kent based personal and group training gym between Maidstone and Tunbridge Wells. Our aim is to provide clients from a range of backgrounds with the opportunity to train as the professionals train. Our approach is to use well tested principles of training to help all of our athletes to achieve their goals.

We run the gym as a club... this means everybody knows each others names and creates a family feeling. If you are looking for somewhere to improve your fitness or get yourself the body you want, 7R-Performance is the place to be.

Close to Goudhurst, Staplehurst and Marden, we run classes to suit all - whether you'd like to join the morning 'post school drop' class, the introductory group, the evening commuter session or the weekend workouts - we are here! Or, if you'd prefer, why not book a few one-on-one sessions to get you started?

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