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Cafe Rouge


We've got a fantastic new food and wine menu filled with delicious innovative takes on the classics and dishes inspired by different regions of France. There's something to suit everyone and you'll come for lunch and want to stay right through to dinner!

Grab a quick bite to eat while shopping or sightseeing, or enjoy a more leisurely breakfast, lunch or dinner if you've got time.

Ideally located in historic Canterbury, Café Rouge is situated virtually in the shadow of the famous Canterbury Cathedral and is surrounded by other famous attractions, such as the Canterbury Heritage Museum and The Roman Museum.

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  • xalyssx

    27-Aug-2015 Report

    Which Café Rouge location did you visit and at what time of day/ day of week?
    Canterbury on Wednesday at 6pm

    Generally - how did you find Café Rouge as a place to visit with the family?
    Absolutely awful, the worst experience I have ever had as a customer.

    How would you rate the food quality?
    Disgusting, 0 out of 10

    How would you rate the new kids menu? What did your child choose?
    It was the worst food my children have ever had. Based on the menu we had no idea what the starter was, there was no explanation for a fougasse finger. It turned out to be a cheap tasting bit of white bread, served with some dried up crudités and a spider infestation. I refused to let my children eat it, and when I complained no one did anything about it.
    DS1 had the croque for a main. Again, there was no explanation on the menu what it was, or what it was served with. It turned out to be a tiny slice of white bread with ridiculously slimy and pungent "cheese" sauce congealing on the top, and some ridiculously salty chips. Nothing healthy on the plate. DS1 gagged as soon as he tasted it. For dessert he had the chocolate crepe. Well, it said chocolate on the menu, but there was only a smear of chocolate sauce. There was also some ice cream, which was not listed as part of the dish on the menu. All in all, DS1 only had about 3 chips for dinner.
    DS2 had the fish cake, which was mainly potato and barely any fish. This was served with the same ridiculously salty chips, and yet again it was an entirely beige plateful, no vegetables at all. For dessert he had vanilla ice cream with popping candy, although he had problems eating it as the candy was covered in chocolate, which was not written on the menu.
    We asked for some mayonnaise, and we were given a small dish of it. There was a disgusting thick skin on the top; it had obviously been left out for ages.

    What about the food for adults?
    I had the french onion soup and DP had the camembert. Pretty average. For the main, DP had burger and chips, which was dry and over seasoned. I had a goats cheese and beetroot tart, with extra mashed potatoes. This was the worst food that I have ever eaten. The mash was all dry on the top and very cold, and the tart was so salty that I actually threw up in the toilet after eating it. I could have bought a very similar tart from Aldi for less than one drink in café rouge, and I would have had a much nicer experience. Frankly, I was appalled by having to pay an extra charge for a side with my tart.
    For dessert I had the creme brulee, which was completely unremarkable. My partner had a chilli and lime chocolate thing, which he couldn't eat as there was a massive wedge of lime dripping all over it, so the whole pudding just tasted sour and unpleasant.

    What was the best part about your experience?

    How about service: was it friendly and welcoming?
    It was absolutely awful. First we were seated inside, but it was so hot that I couldn't think straight. We asked to be moved, and the waitress just looked blankly at us. When we sat down outside, DS2 was laughing, and the waitress went over to the table next to us and said "would you like to be moved away from the noisy baby". The couple there were already finished, and looked confused; they hadn't even noticed DS2. This made us feel incredibly uncomfortable and unwanted.

    Did you know Café Rouge did a kids menu prior to this?

    And lastly, would you go again?
    No, it was the worst dining experience of my life and I am glad that we didn't have to pay.

  • CoffeeCup1234

    14-Aug-2015 Report

    Had a lovely meal. Great value and selection on the childrens menu. Lots of choice on the adults menu as well. Good service and nice easy location.Would definitely recommend.

  • Larnipoo

    10-Aug-2015 Report

    Very impressed! I visited with hubby, my in-laws and my autistic 7 year old. Very impressed by children's menu, nice to have a wide choice with healthy options. £6.95 inc a drink is very good value for money. They were very accommodating regards my sons nuances re: plain burger no sauce,salad etc. The menu was very good and reasonably priced. Very good vegetarian choices. We will be back

  • VerityLocalEdKent

    14-Jul-2015 Report

    We were invited down to the recently renovated Cafe Rouge in Canterbury to try their breakfasts - and we had a lovely time.

    A friendly member of staff greeted us as we arrived (with two buggies in tow) and invited us to sit wherever would best suit us. We found a nice spot at the back where we would park the buggies and settled down to look at the menu.

    The breakfast menu is extensive and although I was tempted with a lot of the continental options (mainly the CHOUQUETTES) I went for the L'Anglais which was delicious. Rather than the usual cup of tea, I had a hot chocolate and it was so lovely! I'll definitely be going back just for the hot chocolates! I was also pleased to see two children's breakfast options too - although the menu lends itself to children anyway.

    The restaurant looks great and the staff are friendly and welcoming. There is a lift at the back of the restaurant which is handy, because the upstairs is beautifully spacious and handy if (like me) you were going with little children.

    For more photos, copy and paste our blog link in to a new window:

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