Confident Childbirth (hypnobirthing)


  • Lombard Wellbeing Centre

  • Lombard House, 15/17 Upper Bridge Street, Canterbury, CT1 2NF


The birth of your child can be the most precious wonderful moment of your life, and yet the thought of it, the experience of it and the pregnancy period can be crowded with thoughts of fear and pain. This can be exacerbated if you have had, or are aware of a traumatic birthing experience.

Confident Childbirth is a hypnotherapy approach to natural childbirth, designed for mothers to: help overcome fears; to develop pain management techniques; to increase confidence; and create feelings or calm of relaxation during pregnancy and the birth, so that you feel more in control, emotionally and mentally prepared, and able to create the best possible experience of birth for you and your baby.

The programme can be provided in a 1:1 or group setting over 4 sessions or more.

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