Birthday Parties at the Heritage Museum


The Canterbury Heritage Museum now offers a wide range of fun and educational party themes for you to choose from:

Bagpuss & Friends 2+
Take part in a magical birthday adventure which includes making a bagpuss mouse to take home!

WW2 Air Raid Warden Training 7+
Are you tough enough to survive Air Raid Warden training and help save the city and its people? At this party you can play WW2 games and survive dive bomber attacks!

Ivor the Engine 2+
Climb aboard to discover the enchanting world of Ivor the Engine and the story of the world's first steam passenger railway between Canterbury & Whitstable. Make a pull along train to take home!

Rupert Bear's Birthday 2+
Enjoy a Rupert themed party with your friends where you'll take part in an exciting treasure hunt!

Creepy Crawlies 2+
Investigate the amazing world of minibeasts - from the fearsome tarantula to the humble honey bee!

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