Planet Coffee

The Avenues

Planet Coffee has been serving customers on Newland Avenue since 2000. The coffee shop has since established a wide custom base from students & young professionals through to families. People come to Planet Coffee to experience the modern yet relaxing environment & the extensive range of delicious drinks and light snacks.
Seating varies from table & chairs to leather sofas & upstairs seating on the Chesterfield. There is also a covered courtyard area that is very popular on long summer evenings and noticeable because of its vibrant atmosphere. Rare is the sunny day when Planet Coffee will not be packed outside, it's a great place to socialize & people watch. The emphasis of the coffee shop is on relaxation & serving quality drinks steeped in the history of Italian coffee- making. It is also renowned for the wide range of scrumptious cakes on offer, paninis, bagels, teacakes, and toast.

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