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Hull New Theatre continues to be one of the UK's premier touring venues and features the best in musical, opera, ballet, drama, children's shows and one night performances, with a highlight of the year being the annual spectacular Christmas pantomime.

Hull New Theatre continues to provide first class entertainment for the people of Hull and beyond

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  • LocalEditorHull

    21-May-2014 Report

    Review of 'Birdsong'

    Commemorating the centenary of the start of the First World War, ‘Birdsong' is the critically acclaimed play which has been adapted for the stage by Rachel Wagstaff. It is based on the 1993 Sebastian Faulks novel of the same name and it follows on from its National tour last year which saw it performed to an audience of 75000.

    The play weaves between different time periods effortlessly as it tells the story of a young English soldier Stephen Wraysford (George Banks) as he leads his men through the horrors of the war whilst remembering the passionate affair he had embarked upon with the beautiful Isabelle (Carolin Stoltz) in pre-war France.

    As well as exceptional performances by Banks and Stoltz, the ensemble cast work convincingly to convey the horror, emotion and sometimes black humour of war, in particular Peter Duncan who gives a stand out, moving performance of Jack Firebrace, a simple sapper who is irrevocably affected by the horrors of war.

    One of the main stars of the show is the striking set by Victoria Dearing which is superb. It seamlessly transports the audience from France to the front line. The claustrophobic tunnels and the horrors of the trenches are conveyed convincingly. The set as well as the skillful lighting by Alex Wardle and the haunting music all worked together alongside the moving performance of the cast to bring the brutal yet emotional realities of war to the audience.

    From the opening scene to the very end it gripped throughout and is one of those thought provoking, poignant performances that will remain in your mind long after you leave the theatre.

    Simply stunning

    ‘Birdsong' is at Hull New Theatre until 24th May

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