Ogino Japanese Restaurant


At Ogino we believe our food & service has much finer qualities that are not found easily. Having designed our menu to lift the taste buds of even the most experienced Japanese diners, we would like to think your experience with us will be one to remember.Japanese food has become one of the most popular, stylish, tasty, and healthy “in” foods in recent years. Our menu naturally consists of Sushi and Sashimi, but offers a wide range of other dishes, using meats such as; beef, chicken, pork & duck. Other dishes include Tempura, Katsu-curry, Ramen noodles and a whole lot more

With a concept of “Modern Japanese with European twist” which delivers fantastic taste, smell, texture, and presentation is key to our success. We ensure that the freshest of ingredients are sourced locally every day wherever possible and is prepared and cooked in our kitchen by our highly trained and dedicated chefs.

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