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Kingston Cleaners

Kingston Upon Thames

Customers can rely on the cleaning crews to take care of their valuable fabrics and garments. We also provide arguably the best carpet cleaning in Kingston upon Thames, again this a highly technical procedure performed by professionally trained technicians working with the most efficient equipment available on the market. Each of the company's special range services is carried out in accordance to industry regulations and is non-harmful to occupants and pets. The special services range is available seven days a week with flexible appointment hours for extra customer convenience.

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  • edwasims

    02-Apr-2014 Report

    I would recommend this company for their professionalism and thoroughness to cleaning.

  • b3nnrddde

    18-Mar-2014 Report

    The lady performed excellent services at a very short notice. I had rented my apartment out for 2 years and was now moving in with my family coming back from oveseas. I contacted them and they did a very thorough cleaning on a very short notice.

  • b3nj1parry

    27-Feb-2014 Report

    This company provided me with monthly apartment cleaning services. They are timely, provide a quality service, and are flexible with appointments. It is funny how much you come to enjoy a monthly cleaning appointment - great for your space and for your life - well worth the cost.

  • luc1sltt3r

    10-Feb-2014 Report

    My sofa's were ready for the garbage & they brought them back to life after almost 3 hours of cleaning. Who is gonna spend that amount of time when they are not charging by the hour ? AMAZING COMPANY....I HIGHLY RECOMMEND

  • zaradgoul

    24-Jan-2014 Report

    They provided excellent service over about two years for us. The cleaning was always impeccable and the staff so professional!

  • dannsaylr

    16-Dec-2013 Report

    I've never had great experiences with cleaners; it always seems like quite a lot of hassle to set up and maintain a relationship with a cleaning company. I don't know why; it should be simple. This company is the way they all should be! They are thorough, professional, have a great online portal to do all the account scheduling though, you can pay in advance with a credit/debit card (though still need to leave a tip in cash).

  • gergggoggg

    21-Nov-2013 Report

    their team are very good at what they do i will recommend them to who ever needs a clean House , and they are very detail oriented and my home was left sparkling clean

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