Power Education

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We're a fun, high quality tuition company based in Kingston. We cover GCSEs as well as 11+, KS3, and A Levels. We strive to make our tutors engaging, our tutorials fun and your child emPOWERed!<br /><br />WHY ARE GCSES IMPORTANT?<br />The years in which GCSEs are taken are crucial to the academic future of your child; if your son or daughter is planning on going into higher education, getting a good set of GCSEs is essential in order to allow the greatest flexibility in choosing subjects later on.<br /><br />At Power Education, we run high-quality and structured tutorials for students sitting their GCSEs in all the core subjects &ndash; if your child could benefit from private tuition, then why not drop us a line?<br /><br />WHY COME TO US FOR HELP ON ACEING YOUR GCSES?<br />1. High calibre tutors<br />2. Structured tutorials<br />3. Regular feedback!

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