Dyslexia and maths diagnostic assessments

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Are you worried about your child's reading ability?
Does your child show signs of getting words in a muddle?
Does your child often take a while to start homework? Get ideas down on paper?

Dyslexia now affects 1 in every 10 children. Many children especially those with with high IQs are not detected to have dyslexia until much later on in their school years.

We are a new educational private service offering friendly expert advice. We offer dyslexia and Dyscalulia screening tests, maths diagnostic assessment targeting weak areas, tuition, school consultations and follow up strategies to help support you and your child for a moderate fee.

For more information on our services and the different types of screening packages we offer call us on 07557952073 or email us on dyslexiascreeningservices@yahoo.co.uk

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