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Storage Kingston

Kingston Upon Thames

Kingston home storage can make your life better in multiple ways. With a secure storage unit, you can reduce clutter in your home, create new space and make a move simpler. Our storage facility is home to many units that come in different sizes with various features, so you will easily find the one right for you. Our self storage units are secure and will keep your goods dry and clean.

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  • martinyoung

    29-Jul-2016 Report

    I was pleased with the office storage I hired at short notice when we had a flood. I had to act quickly to salvage equipment and furniture and Storage Kingston were there to help. We were able to transfer the contents quickly to the storage facility so therefore saved a lot of things from getting damaged. It was a great service and the members of staff were simply great. It didn't take long to get rid of the water so we were back in operation within a few weeks. I am eternally grateful for this company and their great service.

  • GayleRose

    27-Aug-2015 Report

    I used this company to store my furniture whilst I worked away. I am very pleased with them and would highly recommend Storage Kingston for value for money storage.

  • WillieWright

    03-Dec-2014 Report

    I came across an excellent solution to storing unwanted items I owned from a friend. The answer was self storage, which worked like this it involved having a unit in a size you needed delivered to your door for you to fill yourself. It meant that you didn't have the extra cost of hiring a removal vehicle to shift it to the storage facility. It was a great service for me as I needed some more space and money was tight. I used Storage Kingston and was extremely satisfied with the storage service. All of my stuff is now stored safely and I can access it when I want.

  • SophiaJohnson

    17-Oct-2014 Report

    I was given the details of a great service in the area that delivered self storage units to your door when you wanted surplus space. I needed to place some of my possessions into storage whilst I had some decorating done. Storage Kingston were great, they arranged to drop off a unit in a size I needed to my home, and we filled it with our stuff, and locked it, before organising the company to collect it. The storage unit was then be picked up and returned to the safety of the storage depot. I can honestly say it was a terrific service.

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