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Kingston Upon Thames

When we started CAU, our vision was to capture that spirit in a restaurant that would fit right into the heart of Palermo, Buenos Aires. If we could replicate that vitality, passion and sense of fun, we knew CAU would be a place people would want to spend time.

Our menu embraces Buenos Aires cuisine, a melting pot of comfort food inspired by Italy and Spain alongside the jewel in Argentina's crown, its beef. Mouthwatering steaks, burgers and steak sandwiches are joined by a tempting selection of more-ish favourites, each with a distinctive Buenos Aires twist.

Drop in for some sharing plates and a beer over lunch or savour one of our speciality cuts and a bottle of Malbec over dinner. But don't forget to leave room for a Corn Flake Ice Cream Sundae. Trust us on that one.

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  • kingstoncherry

    04-May-2014 Report

    After opening only a week ago, we were invited to review CAU Kingston.

    The restaurant is contemporary and comfortable and has a nice mix of retro booths and an open, industrial kitchen. The staff (going by our excellent waitress Olivia) were welcoming and knowledgeable about the menu (particularly the differing steaks) and were friendly yet professional. We certainly didn't feel we were in a newly opened restaurant.

    One of our party does not eat meat and she found plenty on the menu to choose from. There is an interesting and delicious combination of tapas style starters (the salt and pepper squid and tempura pork belly were fantastic) and steak as well as other meats, such as the twice cooked pork belly (as recommended by Olivia), which was great. We were beaten by the 400g steak and realised that this is usually recommended as a sharing plate! The sides are also impressive, especially the causlaw.

    It's worth sitting in one of the booths, as the tables next to the kitchen are hot and noisy.

    We would definitely all go back as it felt Kingston lacked a restaurant like CAU, just hope the initial level of service can be maintained.

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