Kingfisher Leisure Centre

Kingston Upon Thames

Turn your children's party into an exciting day to remember. There's no mess, no fuss and we entertain your children and their friends to ensure they have a fun party.

Tots Fun Party
Specifically for under 5s.

Let your little ones enjoy a fun time on a bouncey castle and soft play area.

Only available on Sundays.

Splash Pool Party*
5 - 8 years old

Your child will enjoy this great party based in our junior pool with games, races and floats.

Maximum of 24 children.

Mega Pool Party
9 years plus

Give your child a party to remember with games including water polo played around our main pool whilst the waves run.

Maximum of 24 children *contact for further health & safety guidelines*

All parties are self catered so you have the choice of what to offer. We do offer a microwave for heating food, but no other cooking facilities are available.

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