The Bonnington Cafe


The Bonnington Café is a co-operatively run vegetarian and vegan restaurant in the Bonnington Square Community Centre in the heart of Vauxhall.One of South London's best-kept secrets tucked amidst the beautiful community gardens of the square,the Café has been open since the early 80's when it was started as a squat Café to provide a good cheap meal for the community.

The Café's regulars have been coming back for years, they love dinner by candlelight, a burning fire on a winter night, and the sense that they are part of a community. Our cooks are from all over the world, so the menu will be different on any given night. From Japanese to Medieval inspired; and from new Italian and French to new American...each cook brings their own style and background to the Café's veggie fare.

We are an unlicensed premises so remember to bring a bottle with you (No corkage charge).

Note: cash only!

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