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Gipsy Hill Carpet Cleaners

Gipsy Hill

Cleaning your home can be a daunting and time consuming chore. If you are a busy professional or a parent, you may simply not have the time to provide as thorough a clean as you once did. Our services are flexible and accommodating to give you greater choice. We can clean areas where dirt has built up, including bathrooms, kitchens and common rooms. We dust, mop and vacuum your floors to leave them sparkling clean. Our goal is customer satisfaction, always!

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  • WallaceGriffin

    25-Nov-2014 Report

    Before I hired Gipsy Hill Carpet Cleaners I went to see what they did for my friend, the one time I actually went around there and saw them in action. I was very surprised by what they do, I thought oh its only cleaning, and how hard can it be? But to be fair to them they are much more skilled than your regular cleaner, they have all the equipment and tools to clean certain areas better than we could and at the end of it all, the results were evident, her house looked and smelled amazing, I had to book my appointment with them there and then. Awesome

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