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Streatham Cleaners Ltd.


Streatham Cleaners Ltd. is an expert and reliable SW16 house cleaning firm that cleans precisely your house for you! With our Streatham house cleaning firm, as well as our very incredible and highly professional team of expert house cleaners, we can make sure that your house is always kept clean no matter whether you yourself are there to clean it by yourself or not. Call us on 020 8434 7352 or visit www.StreathamCleaners.co.uk

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  • LorraineGriffin

    10-Sep-2016 Report

    I had a couple of red wine stains which had been staring at me for a really long time. When Streatham Cleanerscame around, they took one look at the big old stains and smiled. That was when I knew they were pros. They sorted everything brilliantly.

  • PatAdams

    16-Jul-2015 Report

    The cleaners at Streatham Cleaners really do have magic in their fingers! To do so much in such a short period of time was staggering and to complete everything to such a high standard was even more amazing. I would highly recommend their services. I am definitely planning to use their services again.

  • NellieNewman

    21-May-2015 Report

    I had my oven cleaned recently by Streatham Cleaners and they did a marvelous job. The cleaners used some great eco friendly techniques on the hob and oven and really got rid of the brunt on stains that had gradually built up over time. I didn't care for cleaning ovens and this service was great. It was affordable and done with care and competence. I would certainly recommend this to anybody else if you are fed up with the state of you oven!

  • IsaacHernandez

    01-Dec-2014 Report

    I know that most people lead busy lives and that money is tight for many families in our current economic climate but hiring Streatham Cleaners is not what you may think, they are very cheap and if you do have a busy stressful life its worth every penny that you spend. For me I'd much rather spend a little cash on home cleaning and instead have more quality time with the family doing other things than going to back to the way we used to live, our home is cleaner and everyone is happier now, that's priceless! Happy customer

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