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Carpet Cleaning Chelsea Ltd.

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In Chelsea carpet cleaning is much more accessible thanks to the flexible shifts our cleaning contractors work. You can book a carpet cleaner
from Carpet Cleaning Chelsea at more or less any time on any day of the week and your carpet clean can be delivered very quickly because of
the sophisticated skills of our carpet cleaners. We have the most cutting edge technology and the best cleaning products available to enable
us to deliver high quality, intensive deep heat cleaning to our customers and the cost of this equipment is included in the free quote we can
give you when you call us on 020 3540 7265 or visit our website on www.carpetcleaningchelsea.org.uk.

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  • RufusAdams

    01-Oct-2015 Report

    Carpet Cleaning Chelsea Ltd. is a fantastic company! I think they are an excellent cleaning company and well worth the money. Their oven cleaning is first class, as are their other services or at least the ones that I have used, such as their upholstery, sofa and house cleaning services. Such an amazing team!

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