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Cleaners Lambeth Ltd


Is your home looking dirtier and less tidy by the day? It is definitely time you invested in professional home cleaning for your property otherwise things are just going to get worse. Cleaners Lambeth Ltd are located in London and so if you live here, feel free to hire us for the best services ever. We have a fine team of expert house cleaners who can clean your home from floors to ceilings until there's not a trace of dust or grime in sight. Our team is amazing at what they do. For more information call us on 020 3771 5804 or visit www.cleanerslambeth.co.uk

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  • JudyRussell

    04-Jan-2016 Report

    I was over the moon with Cleaners Lambeth Ltd when they cleaned my house for me after I was away overseas for a few months visiting family. The cleaners were fast and efficient and supplied a great service for the money. I was impressed with the reliability of the cleaners and that they really worked hard shifting the dirt and grime from the kitchen and bathroom in particular. They scrubbed and polished and really cleaned the place up until it looked amazing. They came with their own equipment and did a really good job for the cost.

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