Help for Pelvic floor, hip and back Issues

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Sarah Woodhouse Pilates

If you have had pelvic floor issues, back or hip pain, or abdominal muscle separation since having your baby, you are not alone! These problems are common and in most cases much helped by specific, targeted exercises. I have been using Pilates based exercise and movement education to alleviate these problems for more than 16 years.

PRIVATE TUITION: I offer private tuition in my West Dulwich studio. This is particularly beneficial if you have a combination of the above problems or just want to be sure you are doing what is absolutely right for you.

WORKSHOPS: Get together a group of mums and I can come to you or arrange a venue to teach a pelvic floor workshop. This workshop explains pelvic floor anatomy and then provides lots of tips, exercises and functional movements that will keep your pelvic floor healthy until long after the kids have left home!

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