Janes Organic Wholefoods


Who are we?
Jane's Organic is a community-centred, family-run organic store in south-west London, located at 54 Streatham Hill (almost opposite the bus garage). We offer organic foods and wholefoods at affordable prices, including fresh, seasonal fruit and vegetables and a wide range of natural, vegetarian and vegan foods.
We are passionate about healthy eating and every day in store we make hot vegetarian dishes, soup, sandwiches and smoothies. We keep it simple but delicious by using fresh organic vegetables and spices (people are often amazed at the tasty things we produce from our very small kitchen and few ingredients!). You can takeaway or eat in-store, as you use our free WiFi. We also have healthy cakes, made by local people using ingredients from the store, and mostly gluten-free, dairy-free and sugar-free.

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