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London Gardening Services Ltd


Do you dream of a beautiful garden? One that will simply take your breath away? You can have any garden you like, as beautiful as you wish.Thanks to our amazing gardening professionals, you can have the garden you have always longed for. London Gardening Services Ltd always provides the best services to clients and with you it will be no different. All you need to do is call our office today on 02035407776 or visit our web address www.londongardeningservices.org.uk and we can help you.

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  • EdwinCraig

    14-Jun-2016 Report

    I don't like cleaning up after myself in my own home, let alone having to do the same in my garden. It just seems like I had to after every time I tended to my garden and mowed the lawn. I called London Gardening Services and they sent an efficient team of garden clean up professionals to my home to take all of my garden waste away. I know use them every time my garden is looking in disarray due to excess waste. I couldn't recommend then anymore to others who have garden waste and garden mess related issues.

  • RandyHampton

    25-Feb-2016 Report

    I love my garden, as it really is the gem of my home most of my time. Sadly, it is an effort to make sure it stays this way, especially when my kids are about. From tearing up the lawn to leaving their toys strewn everywhere, it often looks like a war zone. The term “garden tidy ups” seems to mean nothing to most gardening companies, but it does mean something to London Gardening Services. They came to my property and made sure my garden looked A1 once again.

  • KarenJimenez

    13-Mar-2015 Report

    I own a particularly large property and even though that in itself is a luxury, the garden within it is a constant thorn in my side. It seems to need tending to constantly, something that I simply don't have the time for. Thankfully, I don't have to worry about garden maintenance anymore as LondonGardeningServices has stepped into to take care of it for me. Leaving no stone unturned and no blade of grass uncut, they turned my garden from dud to dream in a way that I didn't think was possible. Thanks again guys!

  • BrandonCook

    17-Feb-2015 Report

    For me gardening is a challenge, from keeping the lawn cut and the bushes trimmed to clearing any garden waste lying around. It all comes with too much responsibility for me to handle alone. I was truly thankful to find that there was help available that could whip my garden into shape without me having to lift a finger. All I did was call London Gardening Services to hire their garden cleaning services team and they took responsibility for the whole situation. Not only did they do a tremendous job, but also they did it at a fair price. I will definitely hire them again!

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