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HandyMan Mates Ltd.


If you want to have your home maintained and refurbished, use our professional handymen services. They can offer you fitting of blinds and curtains, changing of taps, light fittings and light bulbs, hanging and replacing of doors and windows and many more. Call us and request the handymen services you need and we will send our technicians to your address, supplied with the necessary tools and instruments.

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  • carismirs

    06-Mar-2015 Report

    Our bathroom fan broke and we decided to use this company's handyman services to have it repaired. The handyman arrived equipped with his instruments and ready to work. He checked the bathroom fan and made the necessary repairs in it. After replacing some of the broken parts with new and testing the device to diagnose the reason for the malfunction, the problems were fixed. All the repair and testing work didn't take too long and now we no longer have problems using our bathroom fan. Thanks to the professional handyman service we had, our bathroom is properly aerated. We use the handyman services which this company provides every time we need professional help, and they are always done by qualified and experienced technicians.

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