Coaching with The Small Steps Coach


Are you interested in personal development? Or maybe you want to make changes but feel a bit nervous or don't know where to start? 

I'm Gina Musa and I'm known as the Small Steps Coach because I help people achieve the things they want to by getting them to take small manageable steps.

I offer different coaching packages but understand that before you would think about contacting me for coaching, you'd want to be sure I was the right coach for you!

To get an idea of my approach, why not subscribe to my free fortnightly newsletter ‘Life's Too Short'? Just go to my website and complete the sign-up box. To say thank you I'll send you a free copy of my e-book 'The Four Steps to Successful Change'.

And if you are thinking of having coaching, I offer a 30 minute phone consultation free of charge, and with no obligation, to help you decide. Just send me an e-mail to arrange this!

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