Massage Therapy for new parents-South London

Herne Hill

I am a professional dancer, trained in Deep Tissue, Sports & Swedish massage.
Massage can help to reduce muscle tension, relieve trauma held in your body that you perhaps were unaware of, caused by everyday routine & repeated movement & to repair & rebuild injured muscles. It has also been known to encourage deep sleep, improve circulation, recharge energy, relieve migraines, nourish your skin & calm your soul.
*If you have just had a baby, massage can be a wonderful way of looking after yourself & finding your centre again. It is simply a great way to help reduce stress & tension held in your body, to relax & refocus.
I'm based at Yogapoint between Brixton and Herne Hill, & I am also able to come to your home, which can be preferable for new parents who would like to relax at home after a massage. Prices are subject to travel. Please send me an email to arrange a visit.

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