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Looking for nanny share in Herne Hill


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Hello, we are looking for a nanny share in Herne Hill to start in early 2015 when I go back to work - our baby boy will be 10 months then. The share could be based at our house or the sharer's or split between the two. We live in Poet's Corner in a house with a garden and a small, very child-friendly dog. Any suggestions/advice/recommendations gratefully received as this is all very new to us! (I also posted on the main MN site, before realising I should have done it here... ) thanks.

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  • RailtonRoad

    20-Feb-2015 Report

    Are you still looking for another family to do a Nanny share with? We have a 6 month old boy who we are wanting a nanny share for from mid March. It would be three days a week initially but then moving to four days a week depending on how he goes. We are happy to share the hosting, but we do have alot of stairs, so it may be easier for the nanny at you place. We are on Railton Road, halfway between Brixton and Herne Hill.

    If you are still looking let me know, we've met a few nannies, one we are interested in hiring, but are wanting another family to join us.


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