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Opportunity for pregnant artists

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  • procreateproject

    13-Mar-2015 Report

    At ProCreate Project we are looking for pregnant artists to participate in our project ‘The Placenta Effect'.

    ProCreate is a unique collaborative medium for female artists and businesses to encourage new artistic and professional creations during pregnancy and beyond.
    Research shows how pregnancy can form a natural time of creativity and that these effects endure for far longer than nine months.

    The Placenta Effect is one of our projects. Created in collaboration, we will produce a series of powerful photographs influenced by your artistry and pregnancy to communicate the purpose of ProCreate Project. The results from nine artists will create a piece of live art!
    For further information and to have a look at the work produced so far please have a look at: www.procreateproject.uk/portfolio/theplacentaeffect/

    If you have any questions please contact

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