Private Pilates Tuition for Fitness & Rehab

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How can I help you?
No off the shelf programmes! Whatever you want!

+ A simple exercise programme to do at home.
+ A weekly in-studio session focusing on general health and fitness or a specific sport.
+ A postural and movement analysis and education in how to move in a healthier way.
+ A rehabilitation programme to help with neck, back, hip pain or pelvic floor problems.

Why would you choose me?
Because I really want to help my clients move better, helping people to understand, what they are doing wrong, how to do it better and applying it to their daily lives.

I am a comprehensively trained Pilates teacher and personal trainer with 17 years experience. I've spent many years working with 100s of bodies – all different!

The nuts and bolts
30, 45, and 60 minute sessions from 7am - 8pm
A private, fully-equipped Pilates studio
A central West Dulwich location (near the Rosendale Pub)

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