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Are you on the move across London or in the UK? Well why don't you get in touch with the leading London removals company based right here in Clapham. Here at ClaphamRemovals.uk.com we have spent years using our modern philosophy to try and ensure that our customers are able to get through this emotionally charged time without it turning into a nightmare. If you want to enjoy a stress free move with a local company of experienced professionals, give us a call today on 020 8746 9609, but if you are in need of some more convincing, keep reading and let us convince you.

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  • ClaireDiaz

    01-Sep-2015 Report

    Brilliant! That is all I have to say about the service I had from a local rubbish removals company. Clapham Removals were professional and disposed of a lot of old stuff and clothes from our garage that had been there for years. A representative called and told us that they had the proper licenses to remove this stuff and some old TV's we had too. It was money well spent and an excellent service.

  • EdnaCannon

    15-Apr-2015 Report

    I had a lot of old electrical appliances to dispose of, and knew that I couldn't get rid of it with the regular rubbish. My sister suggested I call Rubbish Removal Waste as they were the experts at dealing with this type of waste in the correct manner. All I can say is that they did a super job at a great price. The items were cleared away and the mess tidied up afterwards.

  • MatthewYoung

    17-Mar-2015 Report

    Good work from the whole team at Clapham Removals. We put them in charge of the move because we were unsure of whether we'd manage to get everything done on time and we've both got such busy schedules. Nice to know that you can bring in experts when it matters the most, though and they've been a tremendous help throughout the entire process. Really made the move simple for us and I was surprised to see how much time we had left over at the end. If you're looking for a bit of help, then this is the right choice.

  • AdrianLove

    13-Mar-2015 Report

    ClaphamRemovals provided a first class service when shifting my junk recently. I had tidied up the shed and garage and noticed a great heap of rubbish, including old toys, small appliances and clothes. I explained what I wanted rid of to the office, this wasn't a problem. I booked a meeting to get a price and within a few days the entire lot was picked up and taken away. Great job!

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