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Kennington Removals Ltd.


If you want your house removals around Kennington to be swift and simple, then contact Kennington Removals Ltd. on 020 3744 2117. We can assist with all aspects of home removals in the SE1 region as our top team can complete services and provide information. Removal van can provide you with the perfect removal vehicle for your move. Removal van hire allows you to book the services you need for your move, so that you will have professional drivers and top vehicles to transport your goods from A to B. Visit www.kenningtonremovals.org.uk for more information.

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  • MeganKrakow

    14-May-2016 Report

    I moved to my new house a few months ago, and even though the essential items were all unpacked really quickly, I still had lots of boxes that I didn't have time to unpack. I found out about Kennington Removals Ltd. and their unpacking service after looking online for help, and I hired them right away. I enjoyed a really top-notch service with trained staff who worked hard to put everything away sensibly and quickly. There wasn't a flaw in the service and I would use it again!

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