The Raft Foundation

East Lancs

The Raft Foundation was created and continues to provide support and services to individuals and families in need in Rossendale. This includes providing a volunteer led foodbank service supported by faith and community groups, businesses, schools and youth groups across Rossendale.
Foodparcels containing fresh food items such as milk, cheese , fruit and vegetables are provided are delivered to accomodate the families needs for 1 week and where donations allow contain basic hygiene and household cleaning products plus where needed nappies and other essential baby and toddler items.

In 2013 over 73000 meals plus school uniforms, essential household items such as beds and slow cookers were provided to over 1200 people across Rossendale.
Detais of what and how to donate can be found at Funds help purchase of fresh food. Urgent needs shared on Facebook or Twitter

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